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Beginning C# 2008 Databases: From Novice to Professional Ссылки

Beginning C# 2008 Databases: From Novice to Professional

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Assuming only basic knowledge of C# 2008, Beginning C# 2008 Databases teaches all the fundamentals of database technology and database programming readers need to quickly become highly proficient database users and application developers.

A comprehensive tutorial on both SQL Server 2005 and ADO.NET 3.0, Beginning C# 2008 Databases explains and demonstrates how to create database objects and program against them in both T–SQL and C#. Full of practical, detailed examples, it’s been fully revised and updated for C# 2008 and offers the most complete, detailed, and gentle introduction to database technology for all C# programmers at any level of experience.

  • Comprehensively and concisely explains fundamental database concepts and programming techniques
  • Rich in working examples of both T–SQL and C# programs
  • Covers all the features most database programming ever requires

What you’ll learn

  • How relational databases work and how to use them
  • How C# uses ADO.NET to access databases
  • How to write stored procedures in T–SQL and call them from C# programs
  • How to use XML in database applications
  • How to use LINQ to simplify C# database programming
  • How to install SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual C# 3.0
  • Express and use them to teach yourself database programming by doing it
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Pro WPF in C# 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5 (2nd Edition) Ссылки

Pro WPF in C# 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5 (2nd Edition)

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The Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation provides the foundation for building applications and high–quality user experiences in Windows Vista. WPF blends application user interface, documents, and media content to provide richer control, design, and development of the visual aspects of Windows programs.

Author Matthew MacDonald shows you how WPF really works. His no–nonsense, practical advice will get you building high–quality WPF applications quickly and easily. MacDonald will take you through a thorough investigation of the more advanced aspects of WPF, and its relation to other elements of the WinFX stack and the .NET Framework 3.5, to complete your understanding of WPF and C# 2008.

WPFs functionality extends to support for Tablet PCs and other forms of input device, and provides a more modern imaging and printing pipeline, accessibility and UI automation infrastructure, data–driven UI and visualization, as well as the integration points for weaving the application experience into the Windows shell.

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Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional (2nd Edition) Ссылки

Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional (2nd Edition)

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This book is for anyone who wants to write good C# code—even if you have never programmed before. Writing good code can be a challenge—there are so many options, especially in a .NET language like C#. If you want to really get the best from a programming language, you need to know which features work best in which situations and understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is this understanding that makes the difference between coding and coding well.

Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition has been written to teach you how to use the C# programming language to solve problems. From the earliest chapters, and from the first introductory concepts, you’ll be looking at real–world programming challenges and learning how C# can be used to overcome them. As you progress through the book, the problems become more involved and interesting, while the solutions become correspondingly more complex and powerful as C# features interact to achieve the results that you want.

This second edition has been revised and improved to now include the latest SQL Server 2008 release and explain how you can integrate SQL Server 2008 with your C# applications.

By the time you’ve finished reading this book and worked through the sample exercises, you’ll be a confident and very competent C# programmer. You will still have many explorations of the .NET Framework API to look forward to, but you will have a firm foundation to build from, and you will know exactly where to go to find the things that you need to progress confidently in your projects.

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Mercurial: The Definitive Guide (Hg) Ссылки

Mercurial: The Definitive Guide (Hg)

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Mercurial: The Definitive Guide takes you step-by-step through ways to track, merge, and manage software projects with this flexible, open source version control system. Used by Mozilla, Python, and various open source projects on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and several variants of Unix, Mercurial permits virtually an infinite variety of methods for development and collaboration, including both centralized and distributed version control. This guide starts with the basics, including how to work with a version repository. You'll learn to use Mercurial to collaborate with others, merge streams of work, manage releases, find and fix mistakes, and more. You'll also get up to speed on advanced uses, such as handling repository events with hooks, and customizing Mercurial's output. Like the versioning system it describes, Mercurial: The Definitive Guide has a strong focus on simplicity to help you learn Mercurial quickly and thoroughly.
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Practical Subversion, Second Edition (SVN) Ссылки

Practical Subversion, Second Edition (SVN)

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Practical Subversion, Second Edition draws on the experience of its authors, Daniel Berlin and Garrett Rooneyboth Subversion project membersto guide you through a complete introduction to this popular code management solution. And this edition has been updated to reflect the most recent changes to the popular Subversion version control system. After a crash course on Subversions key features, including a theme project that youre encouraged to follow, youll explore best practices, migration tips for moving from other versioning solutions, Subversion integration, and an overview of the Subversion APIs.

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Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire Ссылки

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire

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Книга для людей связанных с геймдевом - история о двух монстрах индустрии. Двух Джонах: Кармаке и Ромеро. Взлеты и падения начиная с детства, плавно переходя к первому совместному успешному проекту "Дум". Эпичный разбор полетов. Рекомендуется к ознакомлению.

Doom, the video game in which you navigate a dungeon in the first person and messily lay waste to everything that crosses your path, represented a milestone in many areas. It was a technical landmark, in that its graphics engine delivered brilliant performance on ordinary PC hardware.
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Regular Expression Pocket Reference Ссылки

Regular Expression Pocket Reference

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This handy little book offers programmers a complete overview of the syntax and semantics of regular expressions that are at the heart of every text-processing application. Ideal as a quick reference, Regular Expression Pocket Reference covers the regular expression APIs for Perl 5.8, Ruby (including some upcoming 1.9 features), Java, PHP, .NET and C#, Python, vi, JavaScript, and the PCRE regular expression libraries.

This concise and easy-to-use reference puts a very powerful tool for manipulating text and data right at your fingertips. Composed of a mixture of symbols and text, regular expressions can be an outlet for creativity, for brilliant programming, and for the elegant solution.
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SQL: Practical Guide for Developers Ссылки

SQL: Practical Guide for Developers

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"This book is not just another SQL text. The author's use of simple yet clear examples to illustrate difficult concepts throughout the text makes this a perfect book for use in an introductory database systems class as a supplement or as an introductory reference for the novice practitioner."
- Paul Fortier, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

"The book lives up to its title: it is a very practical guide. The authors clearly know their SQL and manage to write about the language in a step-by-step style that progresses smoothly from the simple to the more difficult aspects of the language. The profuse use of examples, each with an accompanying motivation and explanation of the results, lets the reader follow even complex topics without a constant struggle. The authors have even included examples that illustrate common errors programmers make, explaining the right way to perform the task. It doesn't hurt that the sample application is based on something everybody uses every day: food."
- Jim Melton, Oracle Corporation

"This book's authors recognize the vast majority of work done with a database is data retrieval (rather than storage) and have focused on this area."
- Australian Personal Computer, March 2006
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C# Language Pocket Reference Ссылки

C# Language Pocket Reference

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No matter how good your reference books are, you can't always stop to thumb through hundreds of pages to find the piece of information you need. Your answer is the C# Language Pocket Reference. Concise and easy to use, this handy pocket guide to C# comes from the authors of C# in a Nutshell, and is a must-have quick reference for anyone implementing this new object-oriented language. The C# Language Pocket Reference offers the convenience of a quick reference in a format that will actually fit in your pocket. The book includes a guide to C# language elements, a brief overview of the Framework Class library, a cross-reference for namespaces and assemblies, a list of compiler syntax and switches, a regular expressions reference guide, and more.
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Accelerated C# 2005 Ссылки

Accelerated C# 2005

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Accelerated C# 2005 teaches you both how to use core C# language concepts and wisely employ C# idioms and object-oriented design patternsto exploit the power of C# and the common language runtime. Youll quickly master C# syntax while learning how the CLR simplifies many programming tasks. Youll also learn best practices that ensure your code will be efficient, reusable, and robust.

This book is the fastest path to C# mastery for anyone familiar with object-oriented programming. Many books introduce C#, but very few also explain how to use it optimally with the .NET CLR. Why spend months or years discovering the best ways to design and code C#, when this book will show you how to do things the right way, right from the start?

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Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0 Ссылки

Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0

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Brian Noyes' writing style easily captures your attention as he elaborates on all aspects of data binding in his book. He has a refreshingly clear and crisp delivery as he starts each chapter with a simple tour of each topic, and then leads you into practical concerns for sound practices and extensibility opportunities. Most importantly, as Brian explains approaches to data-binding architecture, patterns of usage, the value of data sets, binding controls and the rest, he always describes how he reaches his recommendations on the topic. This book is perfect for newcomers to .NET 2.0, but also for those that have some experience. Anyone who cares about data in their applications (okay, that should be almost everyone) is guaranteed to learn something new and useful by reading Brian's book." --Michele Leroux Bustamante, IDesign chief architect, Microsoft regional director, and MVP"Brian has saved me a lot of time. I'm writing The Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 (7th Edition) and I'm not going to have to cover data binding nearly as deeply because Brian has done it for me. His book gets right to the meat of the subject and makes data binding look easy.I was also pleased to see that the book focuses on the misunderstood and under-applied Windows Forms architecture. It's a must-read for anyone trying to make their application more interactive and to leverage the new Visual Studio 2005 technology. I'm planning to point my readers to this resource when they need an in-depth treatment of data binding." --William Vaughn, president, Beta V Corporation"Data binding has finally come of age in Windows applications. Back in the Visual Studio 6.0 days, I ignored data binding completely and wrote my own repetitive code to encapsulate my business logic. With Visual Studio 2005, we finally have a robust and compelling data-binding technology. To ignore it today would make you inefficient and put you behind the curve. Brian delivers a clear and concise discussion of a core topic of development for Windows today. A combination of an easy-to-follow conversational yet technical tone, excellent examples, and solid explanations make this a must-read for any developer writing for Windows or learning to write for Windows."
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PHP Обучение на примерах Ссылки

PHP Обучение на примерах

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Просто и доступно изложены основы РНР - популярного языка написания скриптов для Web-страниц. Выполняя несложные примеры, читатель сможет освоить азы программирования на РНР, создать динамическую страницу, счетчик посещения сайта, систему голосования, адресную книгу, Интернет-магазин. Описаны типичные ошибки использования сценариев, а также пути их исправления. Книга содержит фрагменты кода, который можно применять при создании собственных проектов. Предназначена прежде всего для начинающих, но может быть полезна и опытным программистам, использующим РНР. 

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