Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional

Beginning CakePHP: From Novice to Professional

CakePHP is a leading PHP–based web app development framework. When asking a question on forums or chat rooms, many CakePHP beginners get little help From the experts. Simple questions can get a response like, “Well, just read the online manual and API.” Unfortunately, the online manual is depreciated, and who wants to absorb a programming language or framework From an API? Beginning CakePHP will do the following:

1. Линия разрыва

  • Leads you From a basic setup of CakePHP to building a couple applications that will highlight CakePHP’s functionality and capabilities without delving too deeply into the PHP language, but rather what the CakePHP framework can offer the developer.
  • Teaches you to use CakePHP by incorporating advanced features into your web development projects.
  • Targets beginners of CakePHP or web frameworks in general as well as experienced developers with limited exposure to CakePHP. A secondary audience may include developers undecided on adopting CakePHP or business managers trying to assess the value of incorporating CakePHP into their toolbox.

      What you’ll learn

      • Install and configure the CakePHP web framework.
      • Create your first CakePHP web application: to–do lists.
      • Progress by building a more complex blogging application.
      • Incorporate Ajax and Web 2.0 principles and techniques into your blogging and other CakePHP applications.
      • Apply these sample applications along with advanced techniques as a framework or template for building your own web applications with CakePHP going forward.

      Who is this book for?

      This book will speak to an audience of developers already familiar with PHP but who may not be PHP experts. This book is tailored for those new to CakePHP and who want a thorough tutorial.

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      1 Moo(0_0) 07.02.2009 15:56 #


      Книга интеесная, хотя больше ориентирована для новичков в cakephp - очень хорошо описываются приемы работы с фреймворком, грамотные примеры кода.

      Минус -
      не охвачены темы, которые мне были бы интересны (acl, auth..)

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      2 rusik 29.07.2010 17:19 #

      радует, что информация актуальная хоть в отличии от русскоязычных ресурсов по cakephp

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