Professional SEO with PHP

Professional SEO with PHP

In this book, we have assembled the most important topics that programmers and search engine marketers
should know about when designing web sites.

At the end of Chapter 1, You: Programmer and Search Engine Marketer, you create the environment where you’ll be coding away throughout the rest of the book. Programming with PHP can be tricky at times; in order to avoid most configuration and coding errors you may encounter, we will instruct you
how to prepare the working folder and your MySQL database. If you aren’t ready for these tasks yet, don’t worry! You can come back at any time, later. All
programming-related tasks in this book are explained step by step to minimize the chances that anyone gets lost on the way.
Chapter 2, A Primer in Basic SEO, is a primer in search engine optimization tailored for the IT Professional. It stresses the points that are particularly relevant to the programmer from the perspective of the programmer. You’ll also learn about a few tools and resources that all search engine marketers and web
developers should know about.

1. Продолжение содержания

Chapter 3, Provocative SE-Friendly URLs, details how to create (or enhance) your web site with improved URLs that are easier for search engines to understand and more persuasive for their human readers. You’ll even create a URL factory, which you will be able to reuse in your own projects.
Chapter 4, Content Relocation and HTTP Status Codes, presents all of the nuances involved in using HTTP status codes correctly to relocate and indicate other statuses for content. The proper use of these status codes is essential when restructuring information on a web site.
Chapter 5, Duplicate Content, discusses duplicate content in great detail. It then proposes strategies for avoiding problems related to duplicate content.
Chapter 6, SE-Friendly HTML and JavaScript, discusses search engine optimization issues that present themselves in the context of rendering content using HTML, JavaScript and AJAX, and Flash.
Chapter 7, Web Feeds and Social Bookmarking, discusses web syndication and social bookmarking. Tools to create feeds and ways to leverage social bookmarking are presented.
Chapter 8, Black Hat SEO, presents black hat SEO from the perspective of preventing black hat victimization and attacks. You may want to skip ahead to this chapter to see what this is all about!
Chapter 9, Sitemaps, discusses the use of sitemaps — traditional and XML-based — for the purpose of improving and speeding indexing.
Chapter 10, Link Bait, discusses the concept of link bait and provides an example of a site tool that could bait links.
Chapter 11, Cloaking, Geo-Targeting, and IP Delivery, discusses cloaking, geo-targeting, and IP Delivery. It includes fully working examples of all three.
Chapter 12, Foreign Language SEO, discusses search engine optimization for foreign languages and the concerns therein.
Chapter 13, Coping with Technical Issues, discusses the various issues that an IT Professional must understand when maintaining a site, such as how to change web hosts without potentially hurting search rankings.
Chapter 14, Case Study: Building an E-Commerce Store, rounds it off with a fully functional search engine–optimized e-commerce catalog incorporating much of the material in the previous chapters.
Chapter 15, Site Clinic: So You Have a Web Site?, presents concerns that may face a preexisting web site and suggests enhancements that can be implemented in the context of their difficulty.
Lastly, Chapter 16, WordPress: Creating an SE-Friendly Blog, documents how to set up a search engine–optimized blog using WordPress 2.0 and quite a few custom plugins.

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